Ice Machine

1T Flack Ice Maker

Classification:Flack Ice Machine
Flake thickness:1.5-2.2mm
Model:1000kg(Capacity for per day)
Wide interface area and fast refrigeration
Cheap production cost
Easy to operate, install and maintenance.

Product introduction:

1.The temperature of ice is lower and it can reach 8 celsius degree below zero

2.Ice is dry and transparent, good looking shape, non-caked, good mobility and sanitary.

3.It has the flake shape so that it has big contact area with refrigerating products and the effect is excellent.

4.Flake shape and no sharp edges, cannot destroy refrigerating products and it is beneficial for storage and transportation
Features of Block Ice Machine:

  • Wide interface area and fast refrigeration
  • Cheap production cost
  • Ice size and capacity could be flexibly costumed according to customer requirements
  • Good effect on food preservation
  • Commix thoroughly
  • Convenient storage and transport
  • Easy to operate, safe and reliable
  • Modularization, easy to install and maintance.

Application Field:
Freezing drinks, mix wines. Cool foodstuffs, make ice pastries and keep fresh.
Widely used in hotel, bar, KTV, restaurant, catering, supemarket, ballroom, etc.
Food production process
Fishery,Aquatic product and Poulty meat processing
Vegetable delivery and preservation
Chemical industry process, etc
Concrete cooling