Ice Machine

Block Ice Machine

Item No.: 04
Classification:Ice Machine
Block ice weight:10kg-150kg per block
Model:1T-100T(Capacity for per day)
Ice size and capacity could be design according to customer requirements.
Less lose rate and maintenance,environmental and saving energy.

Characteristics and application field of block ice machine:
Port - ice factory of high density, high strength, easy to melt.
The aquatic products preservation and cooling - can be made into ice riotous with colour.
Long-distance transportation, aquatic products, food preservation] in a variety of sizes can choose and 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg, 75kg, 100kg.
Special field cooling edible] clean and sanitary, no impurities.
Ice to watch the use temperature low, up to 3 degrees Celsius.
Edible ice fields can be processed into is not easy to melt ball ice or ice cube
In the field of traditional ice production, generally use the ice manufacturing equipment, its main features: - stable and evaporator technology - Equipment System Design - such unique and excellent maintenance is convenient and simple - rich experience in engineering installation and commissioning team - integrated refrigeration system; evaporator coil - special structure, avoid due to corrosion and frequent replacement of trouble; - refrigerant can be used worldwide and in accordance with national and international standards; the dry expansion of refrigerant evaporation reduced, the installation is compact, ensure the safe operation of the system; the single module container production: 2.5~10 tons of /24 hours, parallel available multi module more ice production implementation - ice, weight: 12.5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg; ISO - Certified containers, high cabinets, open top cabinets; no building Requirements, laying the ground can be; the shortest] site installation and debugging time, reduce the cost and risk of the user;] mobile and flexible, safe and reliable, available truck or ship to transport.

Features of Block Ice Machine:

  • Wide interface area and fast refrigeration
  • Cheap production cost
  • Ice size and capacity could be flexibly costumed according to customer requirements
  • Good effect on food preservation
  • Commix thoroughly
  • Convenient storage and transport
  • Easy to operate, safe and reliable
  • Modularization, easy to install and maint
  • enance.

Application Field:

  • Freezing drinks, mix wines. Cool foodstuffs, make ice pastries and keep fresh.
  • Widely used in hotel, bar, KTV, restaurant, catering, supemarket, ballroom, etc.
  • Food production process
  • Fishery,Aquatic product and Poulty meat processing
  • Vegetable delivery and preservation
  • Chemical industry process, etc
  • Concrete cooling