China Cold Storage Room Project


Assembly of frozen storage for food preservation, food preservation, etc.:

Assembly type freezer specially engaged in meat and poultry, aquatic products, vegetables in the refrigerated storage of food preservation industry tailored. Standard cold storage (inlaid hook type), economic type cold storage (pull riveting) and simple cold storage site (spraying or insulation). Cold storage using high quality refrigeration units, energy saving effect is remarkable, using the world famous brand control components. Library board by the good heat insulation performance of lightweight polyurethane as inner material, outside cover SII, PVC color steel plate, stainless steel plate can reduce heat transfer due to the temperature difference between inside and outside, to achieve refrigeration, the refrigeration system for maximum efficiency. The combination of the library board to set up all the connection mechanism to go in, the site construction is particularly convenient. And unified the modulus of base plate, the lock stitching methods, assembly and disassembly are convenient and prompt can be according to your intention arbitrary segmentation, compatibilization or relocation.

Rapid freezing is the method of rapid freezing of food through its largest ice crystal forming region, when the average temperature is -18. Food in the freezing process will occur all kinds of changes, such as physical changes (volume, thermal conductivity, specific heat, dry loss variation) and chemical changes (protein denaturation, discoloration, etc.), tissue changes and biological and microbiological changes. The characteristics of fast frozen foods are to maximize the nutritional value and color aroma of the original food. That is to say, in the freezing process must ensure that the above changes in the occurrence of the food to achieve maximum reversibility.

Quick freeze food has the following advantages:

(1) avoiding the formation of large ice crystals between cells

(2) reduce the intracellular water analysis, the loss of juice during thawing

(3) the time of the concentration of the solute and food, the colloid and the various components of the cell is significantly shortened, and the concentration of the gel is decreased to the lowest degree.

(4) to rapidly reduce the food to microbial growth activity under the temperature, to resist the growth of microorganisms and biochemical reactions

(5) the short residence time of food in freezing equipment is conducive to improving the utilization rate of equipment and continuous production.

Most of the food at the temperature of -1 degrees Celsius to start freezing, at -1 degrees to -5 degrees, most of the ice crystals are generated, this phase is called the highest ice crystal formation stage. Quick freezing can shorten the period of freezing, which can eliminate this part of heat at the fastest speed, which is of great significance to improve the quality of frozen food.