Flower preservation methods vacuum cooling machine

 Storage and transport of flowers after harvest is a fairly complex technology, vacuum cooling machine after flower harvest preservation technology in storage and transport application has begun, after harvest flowers through effective regulation of the ambient temperature, extend their storage period, keep the quality of flowers.
  One of the most important measures for the preservation of which flower is cool. Because of breath after harvest flowers, produce a lot of heat, so-called field heat, this field heat must be removed quickly, otherwise flowers storage and transport is extremely unfavorable. Experimental results show that, if not removed quickly after harvest flower field heat and place one day at room temperature (20 ℃), the equivalent of 5-7 days under reduction flowers suitable storage temperatures (eg 0 ℃) conditions of storage life . Therefore, flowers should be harvested immediately rapid cooling process, namely pre-cooling. Flowers after harvest if not through the pre-cooling directly into the repository or truck, or truck not only need to provide a great repository of refrigeration, and transport and because the repository is not to deal with a large field full of heat flowers and design, without pre-cooling of flowers directly into the library or in the car for a long time the temperature does not drop down. In addition, cargo temperature and storage temperature difference between the larger, easy to condense a large number of water droplets on top of your library, these drops of water infiltration flowers, can cause rot. While the flowers and postharvest pre-cooling process, just after a small flower or truck into the repository of cold and cold only uses certain measures against heat, cooling efficiency is high.
  Flower-cold preservation methods more, which is very effective one is preservation vacuum cooling machine. Preservation vacuum cooling machine is based under vacuum conditions to accelerate the evaporation of water features, the flowers placed in a vacuum chamber with a vacuum pre-cooling process, some of the water in the flower outward transpiration, which in vitro release of latent heat with water vapor, so that Flower rapid cooling. Vacuum cooling not only fast, uniform cooling, and due to the reduced pressure, so that the oxygen concentration is reduced flower tissue concentration of ethylene release is also reduced, can effectively maintain the freshness of flowers and prolong shelf life.
  Vacuum cooling fresh flowers mainly to control the degree of vacuum pre-cooling process to control the humidity and temperature. The required performance level and degree of vacuum pre-cooling tank physiological characteristics of flowers, flower number, flower itself related to humidity, and vacuum equipment. Flower Preservation vacuum cooling problems and countermeasures flower preservation vacuum cooling process can cause dehydration phenomenon flowers, each about the temperature dropped 10 ℃, 1% loss of water, such as the temperature dropped from 30 ℃ 5 ℃, about 3 percent water loss . Flower If severe dehydration, surface pores open, will lead to decline in freshness, affecting the quality of flowers. It is necessary to strictly control the flowers have the right humidity. A spray has been applied in the United States vacuum cooling equipment, not only effectively prevent dehydration flowers PRECOOLING, but rapid cooling. The author is currently before the vacuum cooling mainly flowers and water or water treatment. Suction means flower in the flower into the water before the first pre-cooling container, so that together with the container flower water after some time together in a vacuum chamber with vacuum cooling, this method is mainly for applications that require low temperature pre-cooling final Flower (if required 1 ℃ to 2 ℃). In addition to flowers, with more buds after harvest, still container water was added about 1% silver nitrate as a preservative. Water treatment since the container occupies a space vacuum chamber, thus affecting productivity. Water treatment means using a humidifier before pre-cooling of flowers uniformly spray humidification, pre-cooling before making flowers have enough water. Practice has proved easy to apply water treatment.
  Flower Preservation vacuum pre-cooling has fast cooling time (usually just 20-30 minutes), high efficiency, cooling uniform, a distinctive feature of impact from packaging, particularly adapted to flowers such large surface area to volume ratio of articles cooling fresh. Vacuum cooling fresh flowers there to be continued efforts to explore, experiment, along with pre-cooling process of continuous improvement, performance vacuum cooling device is further improved, in floral preservation vacuum cooling storage or transport applications will become increasingly popular.