Ice Machine

Large Flake Ice Machine

Item No.: 03
Classification:Ice Machine
Flake thickness:1.5-2.2mm
Model:1T-25T(Capacity for per day)

Product Description:

1.The temperature of ice is lower and it can reach 8 celsius degree below zero;

2.Ice is dry and transparent, good looking shape, non-caked, good mobility and sanitary;

3.It has the flake shape so that it has big contact area with refrigerating products and the effect is excellent;

4.Flake shape and no sharp edges, cannot destroy refrigerating products and it is beneficial for storage and transportation.

Working Condition :

Refrigeran Refrigrant: R404a

Ice thickness:1.8mm-2.5mm

Power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz or else

Evaporating temperature: -38°C

Cooling mode: water cooling

Working condition: Ambient temperature25°C  Waterinlet temperature 18°C