Refrigeration System

Medium and Small-sized Cold Storage Room Project--Large Fluorine Barrel Pump Set

Introduction of barrel pump unit:
Barrel pump unit by the low pressure cycling liquid storage barrel and a high heart shield pump, electric control box, a steel structure support, suitable for multi cycle evaporator liquid supply system, the process pi

Features of barrel pump set:

1, the lower part of the low pressure circulating liquid storage barrel is provided with a liquid collecting sleeve, which can prevent oil and dirt from entering the shield pump;

2, the liquid oil casing as set, will be timely low pressure circulation in the liquid storage barrel of oil back to oil collector;

3, the liquid level control and the design of the liquid collecting sleeve can prevent the shield pump and the shield pump;

4, floating ball liquid level meter and the electromagnetic main valve to accurately control the height of the liquid level, to maintain the normal supply;

5, shield pump motor protector for the protection of ammonia pump, when the canned motor pump current is lower or higher than setting value, issued alarm signal, shielding pump power supply is automatically cut off, avoid shielding pump not liquid or overload when to operate while the damage;

6, check valves in the shield pump stops running, prevent evaporator and liquid in the pipeline liquid backflow, and caused by shielding the pump upside down and the low pressure cycling liquid storage barrel level super high, but also in multi pump parallel to prevent a bunch of liquid;

7, the exhaust pipe can be ruled out for a long time to stop the production of gas, in order to ensure the normal pump pump to start;

8, automatic bypass valve can be used for more than a reasonable amount of liquid and the pressure head is too high to automatically bypass flow regulation;

9, the high level of the liquid level switch can accurately alarm, and send out the compressor stop signal, prevent the compressor from wet stroke;

10. The system can make the refrigerator operate under the condition of lower condensing pressure, and lower power consumption;

11, the system can be used for multiple evaporator excess supply, improve efficiency.

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