Ready Foods vacuum cooler

Ready Foods Vacuum Cooling Machine

Food Vacuum cooler
Classification:Ready Foods Vacuum Cooler
Cycle time:15-30mins
Chamber Material:SUS304 Stainless steel
Internal chamber size:L1500xW1200xH1800mm
Installation size:L1725x1850x1989mm
Outdoor system size:L2200xW1850xH

Feature of ready food vacuum cooling machine:

1, the cooling time is short, the cooked food from 90 to the normal temperature of the room temperature only need 10--15 minutes, 10 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes.

2, the cooling process in the sealed vacuum state of the cooked food is clean and sanitary, no bacterial contamination.

3, the cooling temperature is uniform, and the temperature of each part of the food in the vacuum groove has been kept falling down.

4, according to the need to change the cooling temperature, can be easily adjusted by the degree of vacuum, to be cooked food cooling temperature required.

5, improve the quality of cooked food, to prevent the oxidation of food at high temperature, to avoid the best breeding period of bacteria 30--70.

6, covers an area of small, running does not produce any pollution, can be directly installed in the cooked food production site.

Application of ready food vucuum cooling machine: