Ice Machine

Tube Ice Machine

Item No.: 01Tube Ice Machine
Tube ice machine
Classification:Ice Machine
Tube ice diameter:Dia.22/29/32/35/41mm.Customized is available.
Model:1T-60T(Capacity for per day)
Ice size and capacity could be design according to customer requirements.

Detailed description

Application field of ice machine

The hotels, bars and other refrigeration.

The edible ice factory

- port ice factory

The coffee shops, bars, hotels and other places with ice

In supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other commercial purposes

The aquatic products and food preservation

Logistics - preservation

The medical and chemical ice

Guan Bing characteristics:

The special ice making method can remove water ice hard, no powder magazine.

The ice shape is hollow, transparent, shiny appearance.

The different sizes are available, ice diameter: 22, 29, 35, 41mm, also can be customized according to customer requirements.

Compared with ice, ice tube thick not easy to melt, good air permeability.

The shape is suitable for storage and transportation - ice, is used in various fields.

Our tube ice safety and health, can according to the customer request customization tasteless, clean and hygienic standard to FDA and HACCP certification requirements of edible ice tube machine.